PowerMEMS in Action is a dedicated session in the PowerMEMS 2019 program for table-top hands-on demonstrations of micro power sources, small scale energy harvesting systems, application case studies and proof-of-concept prototypes. Over the past decade, many power MEMS technologies have grown in maturity, performance and relevance. This is coupled with expanding interest in various applications, such as the Internet of Things. The PowerMEMS in Action session provides an opportunity by allowing researchers to bring their technologies out of the lab and demonstrate at the conference.

The objectives of PowerMEMS in Action session:

  • Showcase operation to validate the technology and encourage adoption
  • Demonstrate and promote the development of know-how and implementation
  • Allow the demonstration of new concepts and technologies
  • Assess and understand the level of maturity in the field, and promote discussion on limitations and challenges
  • Push the field towards innovation, with more complete devices to meet the needs of applications

Abstract submissions are welcome in three PowerMEMS-in-Action categories:

  1. Applications and case studies: demonstration of a wireless sensor or another application that is driven by a miniature power source or energy harvesting device. The benefits and appropriateness of having such as power source should be well described.
  2. Device or system prototypes: power MEMS devices, materials, circuits and systems. The performance-based metrics and complete operation here is important to evaluate the submission.
  3. Novel concepts, approaches or methods: new mechanisms, contraptions, principles or methods that deserve to be experienced hands-on to better understand and appreciate them. Although the level of maturity or completeness is not dominant, the abstract evaluation will consider novelty and potential impact in the field.

Abstract submission:

Proposed demonstrations must be submitted following the same format as the regular conference abstracts. Please indicate in the heading that your abstract is intended for the ‘PowerMEMS in Action’ session with the appropriate classification number and specify the appropriate category ( Applications / Prototypes / Concepts). Oral/poster preference and selection criteria are the same as regular papers.

The abstract should clearly describe the principles of operation and the implementation or potential implementation. For device or system prototypes, the abstract must also provide the measured key performance metrics depending on the type of device (i.e. not simply power, but normalised by mass and acceleration, for a vibration energy harvester, or by temperature difference and area for thermal energy harvesters).

Presentation format of PowerMEMS-in-Action category:

Oral presentation in this category consists of a regular oral presentation and demonstration during a designated poster session. Poster presentation in this category consists of a poster presentation and demonstration during a designated poster session.